Static Website

A static website performs no complex programmed tasks; it acts simply as an online brochure. The content can only be updated by a web designer and its main purpose is as a research and reference tool for customers to find out more about your business services or products. Static websites may include features such as galleries and contact forms and animations if required.


CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS allows users to log into an online admin area to update content on their website. CMS websites are very popular as they allow website owners to update text and images whenever they need to, without needing any programming knowledge. CMS can be used for small sites that comprise of only a few pages, or for larger directory-style websites or blogs that store large amounts of information.


E-commerce websites are designed for selling products or services online. E-commerce websites can process transactions and track sales. Quick-clicks e-commerce Shopping cart websites are also built on CMS technology so site owners can update their own products any time. They also offer a range of additional features, such as real-time shipping calculations, customer wish-lists and coupon codes.

Choosing a website that is right for your business requires careful consideration.You first need to choose the right Web Design company, which can be a daunting task in itself! When selecting from the many Web Design companies in Australia, it’s important to choose a Web Design agency that has a portfolio of website designs and styles that you like.We custom design all of our websites and keep our clients involved every step of the way, to ensure our clients are 100% happy with their final websites.Website Design is just one half of the process however – the other half is website devlopment, which will differ greatly depending on what functions you need your website to achieve. “Brochure” websites for example, are generally small, static websites, which do not need to be updated regularly with new information.Content Management System (CMS) websites however, are designed to accommodate larger website or websites that require more frequent updating of content.As the process of choosing the right website can often be confusing, we have put together this section to help you make the right choice about the functionality you need from your website and choose which type you will need.You will find our Portfolio a great resource


Since creation of Zone-7.com (2002). Darts web advertising and results Wadla has always been available to upload, update and review our Site. Natural flair and knowledge, a great attribute of all Wadla's Work. I would recommend Wadla's Services to anyone wishing to further their Association/Business through top end advertising and reporting.
Warren Ackary-Wadla has been an integral part of the World Disability Darts Association since 2013 with help and support on both website hosting / management and Social Media Officer for our organisation. His work has been greatly appreciated and key to all that we do and hope to achieve. A man of great patience and kindness of heart.
Warren has helped us in so many areas but his recent re-design and launch of our website is perhaps his biggest contribution. Not only did his insight and design capabilities produce exactly what we had in mind, his tireless effort to get things turned around and back online as quickly as possible was amazing. Thank you Warren for our new webpage…already the contacts and visits are adding up thanks to your guidance.
I have been using Wadla (Warren Ackary) for 11 - 12 years and always found him reliable and up to date. His costs are reasonable and we are very happy with our webpage.
He also looks after one of our sporting club websites. Which is Queensland Legends Darts Inc.